Welcome to the World of VIGGO

Viggo is a specialist medical devices company that serves patients, hospitals, clinical laboratories and life-science research institutions. We have a portfolio of cutting-edge products across a broad range of infusion-therapeutic areas. The brand name Viggo is known and valued worldwide for outstanding design innovation, manufacturing excellence and reliable health outcomes; and is synonymous with medical devices of the highest quality and affordability. We put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first. We are committed to upholding high standards of ethics, accountability and transparency across our business.

Commitment to Quality

At Viggo, we adhere to the highest international quality standards as laid down by the CE Mark. Each stage of the production cycle – raw materials sourcing and selection, in-process control of manufactured components and sub-assemblies to the sterilization and packaging of the finished products – is closely monitored through a battery of rigorous physical, chemical, biological and micro-biological tests. The result? Medical devices of impeccable, consistent quality –batch after batch, first product to the last. This, in turn, has helped us in creating a compelling value proposition in terms of product integrity.