Viggo CVC

Central Venous Catheter Set (Seldinger Technique)


  • Soft, kink resistant,biocompatible Polyurethane Catheter
  • Seperate non-communicating vascular access lumens within a single catheter body
  • Various sizes and lumens available for paediatric and adult patients.
  • Radio-opaque catheter positioning via X-Ray and length markings
  • Soft and pliant tip material

Y-Shaped Needle and Raulerson Syringe

  • Y-shaped needle allows Nitinol Guidewire insertion and aspiration without disconnecting the syringe. Prevents Air Embolism and excessive blood loss during guidewire insertion
  • The blue guidewire introducer Raulerson syringe is designed to reduce the risk of air embolism and vessel wall damage by permitting the guidewire to be passed through a hollow tunnel within the syringe.

Injection/Infusion Valve

  • Needle free injection /infusion valve to prevent needle-stick injuries
  • Allows infusion and blood withdrawal without flow restriction
  • Atraumatic Needle suture is provided for skin fixation
  • Gauze Swab
  • Lipid Resistant Stop Cock
  • Catheter Clamps
  • Vessel Dialator
  • #11 Scalpel Blade

Available sizes 

Single Lumen 5Fr x15Cm 5Fr x 20Cm
Double Lumen 5Fr X 8 Cm 7Fr X15Cm 7Fr X 20Cm
Triple Lumen 4.5Fr X 8Cm 7Fr X 15Cm 7Fr X 20Cm
Four Lumen (Quad)8.5Fr X 15Cm